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Dogs » Skipper (Sailor)

by Fairy

Sunday 11 Apr 19:31

Belated happy birthday Skip from brother Champ and all of us here XXX

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Sunday 11 Apr 19:28

What is going on??? All four seasons in one day today, we were all confused!

Thanks to Dave and Denise for all their hard work today, and thanks to Lucyg and her mom for coming in this afternoon to do walks.

Beautiful Jenny was officially adopted, she came in to finalize her paperwork with sister Trudie (was also Jenny) and use the sand run. They look so very happy as did their dad and hoosister.

Thanks for the donation of pilchards and books.

Lorna had bookings for Pampers, it looks like they are going to be very popular and it was great to see some of our homed hounds looking so good.

Samson had a viewing this afternoon, fingers crossed for him, the family just need to bring another family member to meet him to see if he is the right dog for them.

Massive thanks to Liz_Beth for her updates on Ritchie and for all the hard work she and her husband have done with him, it's really starting to pay off. I have some pictures she has sent me so I will forward them on to the relevant people to add to our social media sites.

As always, stay safe and well. X

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Dogs » Samson

by Alan&Paddy

Sunday 11 Apr 19:05

I'm a teeny bit surprised that Samson is still waiting for his forever family to find him. He is such a lovely friendly lad sure to be a big bundle of fun and affection when he gets the chance to find his sofa. Also what better conversation piece when your out walking him with a name like Supersonic Samson. High time there was a sign next to his name, red would be good but green would be greyt xx

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Dogs » Ritchie

by Liz_beth

Sunday 11 Apr 18:58

Ritchie has been a good boy today. He has enjoyed a walk from Knowle along the canals, through fields (he has mastered kissing gates), along country roads and back to Knowle High Street. He has taken it all in his stride. Progress with his training has also been good. He has jilted me several times by going to sit in a different room and just a raised finger has been enough to turn him away from the bottom of the stairs when I've gone up. Considering this time last week he followed us EVERYWHERE and whined if left on his own, he is doing brilliantly. To be fair to Ritchie, I only started this training in earnest with him over the last few days. The first few days he was here, I was just enjoying having a hound in the house. He will need his new family to continue his training, but he will be absolutely worth the time and effort. He is responding more to his name and will happily come for a fuss. He saw an opportunity tonight to steal from the open dishwasher. His item of choice - a basting brush. He was rather disappointed to have it taken away from him, as I really think he thought he was being subtle. He will be so much fun to have around xx

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Dogs » Jack

by lucyg

Sunday 11 Apr 15:27

was such a lovley boy to walk so gentle and love cuddles good luck in new soon be home happy birthday x

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Dogs » Jenny

by shanishoo

Sunday 11 Apr 15:23

Aw, what a lovely photo, be happy Jenny xxxxx

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Dogs » Jenny

by Shanesmum

Sunday 11 Apr 13:26

Wishing this lovely girl and her new family many happy times ahead. x

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by LadyVictoria

Saturday 10 Apr 21:56

It was a busy day which saw our lovely Belle and Cassy reserved. So happy for them both. Xxx

Thanks so much to our lovely walkers Di, Patrick and Kate today, it was very cold again and despite the forecast saying it would be dry, the first walk this morning turned out to be very wet! Don't think the dogs were very impressed! Xx Thanks so much to everyone who helped out today. Xxx

Happy Birthday to Jack! His Birthday present is a new home! He is going to be neutered on Monday and all being well will be going home on Tuesday. :))

It's great to see our girls finding homes but we do still have our lads waiting for their chance to show just how special they are too! Please give us a call if you think you could be their new forever family! :))


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Dogs » Cassy

by LadyVictoria

Saturday 10 Apr 21:45

A cuddle for sweet little Cassy tonight. Well done for finding your forever home so quickly. Xxx

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Dogs » Champ

by LadyVictoria

Saturday 10 Apr 21:44

Champ is a a super lad! He is a little scared of everything at the moment. Bless him. Xxx Before he arrived we were told he had one black eye, well it turns out it is one black ear! :)) Xxx

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