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Dogs » Eagle

by FamilyCaspar

Tuesday 27 Oct 19:39

Oh my goodness, you have the same dad as our Amber and you look so similar. Your colour and the shape of your head is the same, with such a pointy nose. I'm sure if Amber had met you, she would have been grumpy all the same, but it is uncanny. It is quite emotional looking at your photo after just losing her.

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Dogs » Amber (Bernie)

by FamilyCaspar

Tuesday 27 Oct 19:26

Thank you for all of the best wishes we've received. Sadly Amber had developed a severe back problem which, despite the best efforts of our vets, couldn't be fixed. She deteriorated to the point she couldn't walk very far and we had to take the hardest decision to say goodbye. We loved you so much, you were bright and cheeky, a huge personality. A star at awareness roadshows, people loved you - plenty wanted to offer you a home and we were proud to say you were ours. At Stratford races you were pleased to be centre of attention and racegoers came for cuddles and some took selfies of themselves with you (for a small fee for Daybreaks, of course). Yes, you couldn't stand other dogs (other than Casper and Finn) and would be quick to let them know, but you were our sunshine in these dark days, with a unique smile from your overshot jaw, and we will miss you so much.

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Dogs » Prince

by cloggyerik

Tuesday 27 Oct 18:27

Today the Prins family took Prince for a walk. I say family because my 4 year old daughter was asking to go to the kennel and walk one of the dogs. When I entered Prince’s kennel he was really happy to go for a walk. When we got to the car he did not like that idea and I had to lift him in the car. He is not a happy traveler, he stands-up in the car and keeps looking through the rear window and put his head through the guard and looks ahead whilst penting, lips back and dilated puppils, a sign of stress. Having said this he is not a problem in the car.

When we arrived he was so exited and wanted to get going straight away, as it had been and still was raining I had to change into my rain gear. What I did not expect was his bark. You have to understand he is a well-built boy, so when I heard his bark the first time I thought he had hurt himself, so I was checking him over but no nothing was wrong. When he again saw dogs playing in the distance and was barking I realised he has a very high pitch bark. Which I simply did not expect from such a well build boy.

He is an easy dog to walk. Yes he is very alert and moves from left to right, which is easy to control by shortening the lead. His juices start to flow when he sees other dogs, starts to bark and wants to meet them. I did allow him to meet some larger dogs which was fine, he can be a bit erratic in his movements. When it comes to smaller dogs I am not sure, ideally I would do another walk to try and better understand the displayed behaviour. The reason I say this is because I have seen him a couple of times go into the predatory sequence up to the stalk. With Prince I am not sure what his intentions are. He is still young and this was his first ever walk, that may have played part in his behaviour. It is also important to keep in mind that when you know the sequence it is easy to spot and correct the behaviour. I do this with our Greyhound Charlotte, when she goes through the sequence but especially when I she her starting to stalk, this is when I correct her and be alert myself.

As mentioned I took my 4 year old with me today. To be honest, Prince did not pay much attention to her. We met some other toddlers and again he was not phased by them. On the way back my daughter was being very loud and I belief she was throwing her cuddly toy around, that did make Prince take note but nothing else. As It was raining we only came across one cyclist which you also ignored. We did see many people and again he did not pay much attention to them.

Prince I enjoyed my walk with you today, I do not think I will forget that bark quickly. You are alert and excitable, your movements can be erratic, but also a friendly sole. For your first ever trip you did very well. It cannot be easy to come from a kennel and suddenly meet all these strange creatures (other dog breeds, humans etc). I know the perfect home is there for you enjoy your retirement.

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Dogs » Eagle

by shanishoo

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:11

Eagle is stunning, he looks the same colour as my boy Dexter, very unusual, I've never seen another one that same colour- beautiful xxxxx

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Dogs » Ronnie

by shanishoo

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:08

Oh my goodness I'm in love!!!!! Xxxx

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Dogs » Druid

by shanishoo

Tuesday 27 Oct 07:34

Oh wow Druid, your very own Red sign, well done handsome xxxx

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Dogs » Amber (Bernie)

by shanishoo

Tuesday 27 Oct 07:30

Deeply sorry to read that Amber has gained her wings, thinking of you all at this sad time xxxxx

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Dogs » Rocky

by BigAl

Monday 26 Oct 21:37

Rocky is doing well, still settling in so there’s been a few squabbles with Belle and Toby sorting out pecking order. Strong on the lead but not unduly so. Very interested in anything and everything. Eating very well!

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Dogs » Prince

by LadyVictoria

Monday 26 Oct 21:35

Lovely photo of Prince, he is a big cuddly lad. :)). Xxx

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Dogs » Penny

by LadyVictoria

Monday 26 Oct 21:33

Penny is a lovely girl. :). Her ears have a mind of their own and do their own thing! :)) Xxx

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