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Date of birth
04 jul 2014
Racing Name
Ear mark

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male, 5 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Tuesday 11 Jun

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 11 Jun 19:32

Aw, how sweet does Eric look with his toy in his mouth?, what a gorgeous hound xxxxx

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by Shanesmum

Tuesday 11 Jun 14:44

Love your new photo Eric, shows how much you love playing with toys, although you can be a bit reluctant to give them up unless there is a tasty treat on offer!! Big cuddles my handsome. x

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by rubytwoshoes

Monday 27 May 16:20

Eric was very well behaved on his lead this afternoon. Even with his muzzle on he managed to snaffle a toy through the bars of his run he was very reluctant to release it, which wouldn't usually matter but he's sharing with two girlies and we didn't want to risk toy envy!!! Xxx

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by NickandMif

Wednesday 22 May 19:33

Had the pleasure of taking Eric to the Sheldon Park walk on Sunday. He was so well behaved and I had no problem getting him in and out of the car. He was excited to be out and about and enjoyed looking around so much that he just wanted to walk and walk and sniff and walk. He's big and was strong on the lead to start with but settled into a good walking pace. He is clever, deciding to have a short rest to re-energise half way round. Returned to kennels for a big drink, a long rest but hopefully for him a short stay.

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by shanishoo

Saturday 11 May 07:01

Hope Eric is feeling better after his dental bless him xxxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 09 May 23:53

A big cuddle for lovely Eric tonight. He had a trip to the vets today for a dental. Hope he feels better soon. Xxx

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by NickandMif

Friday 19 Apr 06:48

Eric is great. He was interested in seeing as much as he could whilst happily walking along.

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by Sillasmum

Tuesday 09 Apr 22:03

Wow what a characterful face Eric! You get my hug today x

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by jetlucy

Tuesday 09 Apr 22:00

So here is the long awaited homeric then! My word you're not disappointing with those looks are you! Sure you'll soon be snapped up xxx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 09 Apr 18:31

Oh Eric, you look such a character, lovely white teeth lol xxxxx

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