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01 jan 2020

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Daybreaks Trust Diary!

female, 0 years old, Fawn

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Updated: Monday 06 Jan

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Sunday 26 Jan 21:48

We had lots of lovely volunteers, Duke of Edinburgh students and our two college placement students. Thanks all for your help.

Thanks also to Liz_Beth for taking trebled and Zoey to the Sheldon Country Park walk and to Richard and Shirley for taking Drew and Harry along too.

Gorgeous Paddy had a couple of lovely strolls around the sand run as he is currently on restricted exercise. He would be ideally suited to a home where he can just put his paws up and have short gentle walks. He is such a handsome big lad.

Little Daisy is still not sure of her new surroundings or walking, she did have an upset tum this afternoon. Hopefully as she settles she will become more confident. Not too sure she enjoyed the second bath in as many days, bless her.

Shy girl Kylie is starting to show her cheeky playful side, for those of you who don't know she is the sister of Celia who was very nervous and timid whilst at the kennels. If you have read the posts by her dad she certainly is not the same girl now! I suspect Kylie will be very similar in character!!

We had lots of visitors come to use the sand run, some regular users and some new. People are amazed when they see the running area and really enjoy watching their hounds have a good run, or in the case of many greyhounds, a quick sprint followed by much sniffing and looking through the gate at the traffic passing by at the bottom of the drive!

Despite the horrible weather it was a greyt day. X

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by Caro

Sunday 26 Jan 17:56

Jill I have some will post it to the kennels

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by Lewisfuggie

Sunday 26 Jan 17:05

Wanted.... Old jewellery.
I know its a bit of a strange one, does anyone have any jewellery that they don't want, blingy, coloured etc... If you have could we please have it, we are putting it to good use to raise funds for Daybreaks. Please drop it into kennels for att of Jill. Thanks

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 25 Jan 23:56

A busy day.... :)) Flo is now a full memeber of Tanya and Marks ever growing family! Xx

Bindi was reserved and Harry met a lovely Greyhound young lady whom he will be seeing a lot of when he goes off to his new home. :))

Jess had a bathing and several customers for nail clipping. Xx

Many thanks to Hannah and Patrick for giving our latest new arrival Daisy a bath, not sure she was too impressed! Bless her. Xx

So very grateful to everyone for their help today...Xxx


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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Friday 24 Jan 18:11

Angie normally does the Friday diary but she had matters of very great importance to see to. So this is what happened today.

The dogs enjoyed their walks even if it was chilly. Angie took Paddy for a gentle stroll around the sand run before she left as his leg is a little sore.

Kenny paid a visit to say goodbye as he is off to live in Chester with his mom, he made himself at home in the office. Then pretty little Charlotte came in with her dad bearing gifts of sardines for the dogs and goodies for the hoomans. Her and Kenny seemed to really quite like each other!

We had a gorgeous new arrival, Daisy. She arrived very late in the day so unfortunately we couldn't bath her (sorry Kate), and as we were feeding when she arrived she came into the office to wait for her dinner and to be allocated a bed for the night. After moving Paddy to a single suite, and introducing her to her new room mate she and Pixie got a twin room! They decided which bed they each wanted and seemed very settled :))

Thanks to everyone who came in to visit, buy food and walk. Volunteer Dave went on one of his mad 'lets see what i can tidy' sprees, I don't think he could find much. I'm sure much more happened and if I remember I'll let you know!!

In the immortal words of Angie, I will raise my glass for a good week ahead. X

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 23 Jan 23:51

It was great to see both Lola and Harry reserved today! :) Xx

We had plenty of willing walkers today and the weather was fine so all enjoyed their walks. Xx

Thanks so much to the visitors who dropped off bedding for us. I was surprised by the doorbell ringing at 5.30pm from a lovely couple with a donation of duvets. :)

Please can I ask anyone who uses the sand run to remember to pick up any little deposits their dogs might leave behind. :) Sadly one of our regular customers picked up numerous "extras" in the sand when she came to use the run recently. We need to make sure the run is safe and clean for everyone's use. Thanks so much. Xx.

We have another new arrival due in tomorrow. :))

Thank you to everyone for all your help today. :) Xxx

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Wednesday 22 Jan 17:50

It was a little warmer today thank goodness. Thanks as always to our Wednesday walkers, college students and volunteers. All dogs enjoyed morning and afternoon walks. Paddy had a gentle stroll around the sand run.

We had a fantastic donation of dog food and treats. Thanks to the lovely gentleman who brought it in.

All winners of Sunday's launch day raffle have now been notified, sorry if you didn't get a call! We very kindly had two edible prizes donated back to the kennels for our volunteers to enjoy, thanks so much.

Our donation table is now back out, why not come and see if anything grabs your attention?

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 21 Jan 23:33

Aren't the new photos of the dogs great?! :)) Thanks so much to Lucy for taking them all and to her photo shoot assistants Shirley and Richard. :) My favourite is Rose...what fabulous ears! Xxx

Shirley and Richard collected a dog rehabilitation/walking machine that we had very kindly been offered. There was much anticipation to see it working but sadly there was a piece missing. :( Its only a small item and If it can't be found we should be able to get it online...We are very grateful to the lovely people who have given the machine to us. It will be interesting to see it in action. :))

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out today.


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by LadyVictoria

Monday 20 Jan 23:04

We had a day of tidying up after yesterday's Launch Day, we found the best way to tidy the left over cakes was to eat them! :)))

It was cold but a nice day for walking, many thanks to all who took the dogs out this morning and this afternoon. Xxx

Beautiful little Rose has found herself a great family complete with a four legged friend who is quite a bit bigger than she is. :))

I am so grateful to Yvonne and Zoe for looking after the kennels this morning while I took Skip to the vets. He had a foreign body in his paw...a tiny piece of glass was causing all the trouble, which has now been removed and given to him as a souvenir! Bless him. Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 18 Jan 22:28

It was a chilly day but no rain! :))

It was great to see Klaire and Florence again. :)) So lovely to see her and new member of the family Russ enjoying each other's company. Jo and her gang joined in with the fun in the sand run. :))) Xx

Very sad for Penny who was returned to the kennels today, her owners have told us what a great girls she is, so hopefully a new home will soon be hers. Xx

Many thanks to everyone who dropped off bedding. food and raffle prizes so kind of you. You can be sure it will be put to very good use. :)

Everything is nearly ready for our Launch Party tomorrow. Please come along and bring your four legged friend(s) with you! :))


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by jetlucy

Saturday 18 Jan 16:57

So jet is flying the flag in oxford this weekend and causing lots of attention from passers by cooing at him, he had one lady take a photo of him to show her daughter in Australia! If anyone is looking for a dog friendly hotel, thoroughly recommend this one, the voco oxford Thames! Xxx

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Friday 17 Jan 21:07

Just a reminder...if you are coming to our Official Launch Party on Sunday...and we would like to see as many of you as we can. Parking is available at Birmingham Exiles Rugby Club, please park at the top of the car park (closest to Coventry Road) you can access the main road via a gate leading onto it. The rugby club have requested that you park as closely to each other as you can as they have several games on and need parking space too. Please do not park at the Gables, you will be ticketed and issued with a parking charge.
Many thanks. Jo

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by Shanesmum

Friday 17 Jan 17:16

A day of two halves weather wise - rainy this morning, sunny this afternoon but blooming chilly all day!!! Fortunately though, the doggies could go for both walks so they were happy.

I met our latest arrivals Harry, Paddy & Zoe. They are all so lovely but I must admit to having fallen in love with Harry! He is mahoosive - but walks beautifully on his lead and eats so gently, a very friendly gentle giant. Paddy is also a handsome big chap, and little Zoe is sharing with the lovely Drew. They are getting along well, although as is typical with the girlies - she is on the big bed leaving poor Drew to curl up on the small raised bed!!

A quiet day for visitors meant we could get on with preparations for Sunday's launch party - we are all looking forward to it and hope to see lots of ex residents and their families. We would like to say a huge thank you to our friends and supporters at Burns and Skinners who have very kindly donated goody bags - so the first 100 people through the gate will receive some lovely goodies, and we have popped some of our own freebies and promotional vouchers in the bags too. At the moment the weather forecast is looking good, if a bit chilly, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Well, another weekend is here and my red wine toast tonight is for all our gorgeous boys & girls, may forever sofas be just around the corner. Hope to see you on Sunday.


Angie xx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 16 Jan 22:15

The rain was back today!! We were able to do morning walks but the rain was so heavy this afternoon walks were abandoned :( Instead the dogs had a break from their kennels and enjoyed a groom. :)

I met Zoey, Paddy and Harry today. Zoey is a very cute little girl and all I can say about the boys is, Wow! They are both gorgeous :)))

Lucy was hoping to take photos of all our new arrivals this afternoon but it wasn't really photo shoot weather! :(

Thanks so much to everyone for their help today, Alan cheered us up when he and Paddy arrived with the donuts! :)) xx


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by jetlucy

Thursday 16 Jan 20:35

Gutted we can't come Sunday as jet loves coming to these things, but we're having a night away and jet is coming to the spa too! Hope you all have a lovely time and see you all soon xxx

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Wednesday 15 Jan 18:42

A lovely day. Our Wednesday walkers came in this morning, thanks as always. This afternoon we had more lovely volunteers to take the residents for a walk.

We had three gorgeous new arrivals, little girl Zoey and two rather large boys, Harry and Paddy. All three are very affectionate and polished off their dinners in no time. Hopefully they will all have a settled night.

We are getting ready for our official launch day on Sunday, please come along and join us if you can make it. We really enjoy seeing our ex-residents and their h oomans and hearing all about their antics!. This is our first event since 'going independent'.

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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 15 Jan 00:06

Ed went off to the vets to be neutered this morning. He was very wobbly when I picked him up this afternoon. Even though he had several teeth removed he did enjoy his dinner! Hopefully he will feel better in the morning. Xx

So happy to see lovely Pixie reserved today! She is adorable. Xxx

We still have photos waiting to be collected of Greyhounds with Santa taken at our Christmas Party...Tommy, Enzo, Marty, Annie, Rocky, Seana's babies and Mason, who isn't a dog! :)) Please collect them when you can. Xxx

Please come along to our Launch party on Sunday, we are really looking forward to seeing lots of ex Daybreaks residents, after all that's what Daybreaks is all about finding forever homes for these beautiful dogs! :)) Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 13 Jan 22:08

Russ was officially adopted today. :)) He is a very lucky lad. Xxx

I met new arrivals Bindi and Pixie, they are both gorgeous, happy girls. :))

Thanks to everyone who helped out today, Yvonne was fab and manned the phone whilst Ruth, Jo and I had a meeting :)) Thanks so much to all our walkers who braved the wind and the rain. Xxx


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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Sunday 12 Jan 17:49

It was a busy day, lots of lovely visitors to have a look around and to drop off donations of bedding, always greatly appreciated. I was kept fairly busy in the office, so many thanks to Bella for showing people around.

We had two lovely new arrivals this afternoon, Pixie and Bindi, so very sweet, they seemed settled when we left this evening. We are expecting more new arrivals this week.

It was very cold but that didn't deter our volunteers, students and Duke of Edinburgh candidates. The dogs had morning and afternoon walks and it stayed dry. Thanks to everyone for their help and hard work.

Don't forget to come along to our Launch party and help us celebrate our new found independence, Sunday 10.30 until 2.30. Lots of goodies and refreshments to be had. See you there :))

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by doggiemom

Sunday 12 Jan 16:01

I came in today and dropped off a few pillows etc, it was very nice to be welcomed from a lovely tall blonde haired chap, sorry i didnt get his name. he was welcoming this is exactly what you need.. Had a quick look round the dogs and left feeling very chuffed that someone had gone out of his way to say hello. Thank you. xx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 11 Jan 23:21

It was great to see Sparky signed up today...he celebrated by having a wee on my bag! :))) We are so grateful to everyone who became failed foster parents over Christmas. Sparky, Boots and Knight all have wonderful forever homes! Xxx

Jess had customers for pampers, including Kitty and Bobby. Kitty was not impressed by the hair dryer and gave Jess several "dirty" looks after her pamper was complete! Xx

New girls Kylie and Rose are settling very well and are delightful, they would be a lovely Greyhound family! Xxx

Many thanks to everyone who helped out today. Thanks Jayne for tidying the memorial garden. :) Xx


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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Friday 10 Jan 17:54

Do you have any empty 'pringle' type tubes, large or small? If so could we please have them?! Also needed any newspapers that you have finished with.
Many thanks, Jo x

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by Shanesmum

Friday 10 Jan 17:02

It was lovely to see the sun today - made such a nice change.

Jo was off on the early Vet run this morning with Russ, who was collected this afternoon by his new Dad and will recuperate in the best place there is - his very own home.

Thanks to our volunteers and college placements we could give the boys and girls both morning and afternoon walks. Many thanks for everyone's help today.

Our new arrivals are so sweet, little Kylie is just like her sister Celia was - so very nervous and wary of the world. She has been paired up with Rose who is an absolute sweetie and very loving and friendly so we hope she will show Kylie the ropes and tell her not to be scared and that she is safe now. Big Ed is such a handsome and friendly boy. With more new arrivals expected over the weekend, the kennels is gradually coming back to life!

Plans for the Daybreaks Trust Launch Open Day on 19th January are well under way and we hope to see as many ex residents and their humans as possible to help us celebrate our big step into the future. Parking will be available at Birmingham Exiles Rugby Club - at the top end nearest the A45. Please do drop in and join us. x

This afternoon saw the gorgeous Knight off to his new home - he was over the moon to see his new Mum and couldn't wait to get out of the gate!! Wishing him many happy times ahead.

Well it may be a new year, but my Friday evenings haven't changed and I will be raising a glass of wine to toast our boys and girls, Daybreaks Trust and its fabulous supporters and wishing for a weekend of red and/or green signs. Cheers!

Angie xx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 09 Jan 23:45

A very busy day...three lovely new arrivals, Ed, Rose and Kylie. :)) We have more boys and girls due to arrive over the next few days. :)

It was sad to see Lola returned this morning, she is a super little girl so I'm sure it won't be long before she finds a new home. Xxx

Russ came back for the night to be ready to go for his neutering operation first thing in the morning. He now has a lovely "Reserved" sign on his kennel door and his new Dad left with winter coats ready for when his boy goes home with him for good. :)) Xx

Richard and Declan got busy early this morning loading the van up for a trip to the tip! Thank you!!

Later on Alan arrived with the first chocolate donuts of the New Year! Many thanks to him, Richard and Lucy for going to the warehouse for us. :)) Xxx

Thank you to everyone for all your help today. Xxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Thursday 09 Jan 08:31

Can anyone help please? We have been donated some bedding and towels but they need collecting from Stourbridge. If anyone can help, could you please call the kennels on 0121 782 7702. Many thanks

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by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Wednesday 08 Jan 20:42

It's very strange having so few dogs in the kennels. So again today they had extra long walks. Thanks as always to our Wednesday walkers and to our placement students and volunteers who came in.

The students managed to put covers on duvets ready for making beds for when we have some new arrivals.

I also had a call from Kennys mom. He too is doing fantastically well, and he too is perfect!

It seemed to get colder as the day went on, when we left the dogs were curled up with their fleeced on and the heating too.

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 07 Jan 23:45

The rain came back today! The dogs managed to get their walks without getting too wet. We had two lovely new volunteers this morning, they were very amused to discover Greyhounds really don't like the rain and prefer to walk around the puddles and not through them! :))

We still have some photos taken at our Christmas party of Greyhounds and Santa, please pop in and collect them when you get chance. They are lovely. Xx

Thank you so much to everyone who donated food and treats for the dogs at Christmas, so very kind of you. The dogs really appreciate them all! :)) Thank you also for the biscuits and chocolates for the humans too...we are still busy eating them! :))

At this dreary time of the year, if you are looking for something to cheer you and your Dog up why not bring them to the sand run? Lyra came to the kennels with me today and went in the run. She had a fantastic time playing with her ball, so much so that she didn't want to leave! She ran to the very top of the run and sat down in the far corner pretending not to see or hear me! When I eventually got her back Shirley took Murphy in and he loved choosing several toys to throw around....he didn't tidy up and put them back though! :))) Xx

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out today. Xxx

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by mary/john

Tuesday 07 Jan 07:21

i like the new logo. All the best for Daybreakes 2020.....xx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 06 Jan 22:22

The residents had two extra long walks today :) I had the pleasure of taking Knight out. He walks beautifully on the lead and is just the right height to be able to stroke him and walk at the same time. :))

It great to see Alan and Myra this afternoon. Everyone got back shortly before the rain. :(


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by rubytwoshoes

Monday 06 Jan 17:58

Very smart logo!!
Only four houndies to walk today. All were very well behaved. Drew walked beautifully, he is very happy to be with the other dogs. Blue was super, hes a lovely boy. Russ likes to be in the front and walks really well and Knight who is quite lively in the kennel is a delight to walk.. Virtual hugs to go with the real hugs xxxxx

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by Wispa'sMum

Monday 06 Jan 17:25

I have created a new Daybreaks Diary for 2020 as the last one was taking a long time to load!

If you are a Facebook user, please take time to nominate us for this.... It has been forwarded to me by one of our supporters.

Many thanks Ruth x

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