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01 sep 2016
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female, 4 years old, Black

Added by DaybreaksRuth

Updated: Friday 05 Jun

Lady has had 0 cuddles today (18 all together).
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by shanishoo

Thursday 02 Apr 08:12

Aw Lady, so pleased for you, Ringo sounds like a good friendxxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 01 Apr 22:40

Wonderful to hear Lady is having such a lovely time with you all! Xxx
Lady, your N0.1 fan, Helen who volunteers at the kennels called me today and asked how you were doing...she will be so happy to hear you and Ringo are enjoying each other's company and your hair on your bottom is coming back! Xxx
Sending you and Ringo my cuddle tonight. :)) xx

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by Paulbickley

Wednesday 01 Apr 19:56

Hi Lady here, ive been having a whale of a time with Ringo over the last couple of weeks. Ive been walking really nicely and havent been scared by cars or lorrys, infact i saw a cat yesterday and decided not to bark or try and chase it. I worked the stairs out in 30 secs after Ringo ran up so now its a race to the best bed. I go to the toilet outside and quite like having cuddles now too. Dad says my fur is coming back on my bum and coat is looking real shiny.

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by shanishoo

Saturday 21 Mar 14:05

Oh Lady, over the moon to see a fostered sign for you, it will be a nice break from kennels xxxxx

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by Paulbickley

Sunday 15 Mar 17:08

Lady was a princess with us today. We took Ringo and collected her from the kennels for onward travel to the Stratford walk. She jumped in the car and settled down straight away with Ringo. No dramas on the 40 min drive, during the walk she was interested by a small poodle occasionaly but didnt react. With some gentle correction she walked very well and wasnt phased by other dogs or traffic. We got soaked so we did a pitstop on the way back at our home, Lady went into the garden for toilets had a wonder round, drank Ringos water then came and lay by him on a rug and dropped off. She was definately brighter when we returned to the kennels so hopefully we have made a small difference for her and hope she finds a loving home soon.

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 12 Mar 22:32

Poor little lady, she keeps on making the end of her tail bleed by wagging it so much in her kennel. :(( She keeps having to have a dressing on it. She is a sweet little girl who desperately needs a loving forever home. Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 02 Mar 23:23

Lady is such a sweet girl. She was a very good at the vets today when she went for he neutering operation. It must be time for her forever sofa to arrive. Xxx

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by LM

Tuesday 18 Feb 22:42

So gorgeous. Gets my cuddle today. Hope she's settling in. Will see her on Friday.

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 18 Feb 21:36

Oh Lady, you are just beautiful, such a lovely face xxxxx

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